TTB Consulting LLC

IT Solutions and Support Provider

Why Choose TTB
Wide-array of technical experience- Whether its computer networking, database programming, network security, or web integration, one consultant can provide all your technical solutions. This improves efficiency by eliminating the wasted time of multiple consultants explaining to each other what the other has done and improves the consultant-client relationship as the client can always expect a familiar face.

Effective communication- Spouting technical jargon does not validate a consultant's knowledge, understanding a technology well enough to explain it in non-computer terms makes a savvy consultant. TTB Consulting takes pride in making sure you have a basic understanding of any recommended technology solution and what it will provide for your business.


Professionalism-  TTB Consulting provides dependable service with a professional appearance and a respectful manner to the entire client staff.


Business aptitude- Understanding business is critical to providing effective technology consulting.  TTB Consulting understands ROI, minimizing downtime, and flexibility for changing business needs. We do not suggest technologies just because they are new or fun. You can be confident that our technology solutions will be aligned with your business goals and processes, at the most reasonable costs available.


Better service- When you succeed, we succeed.  Our service reflects that. We want to be there when you need us, we want to minimize your downtime, we want to give you realistic and effective technology solutions.