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Computer Networking- Efficiency is essential for small businesses with limited resources. Connecting your office workstations together in a network allows for improved communication with email and schedule sharing, central information storage for quicker access and easier data backup, and the ability to share resources such as printers to keep hardware costs to a minimum.  TTB Consulting has over 14 years of experience installing and maintaining Windows networks, focused primarily on Microsoft Small Business Server. 



Custom Database Programming- Customized database programs can easily reduce resources needed to perform mundane time-consuming tasks as well as make timely, up-to-date information more accessible to people who need it in your company.   TTB Consulting has built several customized databases in Microsoft Access that have dramatically helped small businesses conserve resources. By automating time-consuming tasks as well as extracting more information from their data, businesses can better monitor their progress and focus.



Web Strategies - Cloud integration can be a very economical and viable solution for small businesses. Services such as offsite backups, Exchange hosting, or offsite data storage can really make sense for businesses that want the backoffice power of a large business for just a fraction of the cost. TTB Consulting can give you the pros and cons of each of these solutions for your business and implement them for you.



Project Management- Most projects do not involve just a single technology, they usually encompass several technologies implemented together to work synergistically.  TTB Consulting offers a wide-array of technical experience that's very valuable for understanding each technology and how it will integrate most effectively with others.


Network Security- In today's networks with remote access, wireless connections, and mail-enabled phones, the line between the internet and the company network can be very gray. It is critical to use router/firewall configurations and appropriate software to protect your network from viruses, ad ware, spy ware, hackers and spam. In case of hardware failure, software corruption, or disaster, a network should also have a proper data backup plan with sufficient hardware redundancy.